Collection Site v2.0 (2016-12-9)


This update makes WebRTC the default recording platform for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox instead of Flash, preempting Chrome and Firefox phasing out Flash entirely in 2017. Non-WebRTC compliant browsers will continue to function using Flash just as before.


Important highlights from Release

  • Data collection site:
    • WebRTC becomes the default recorder for Chrome and Firefox, resulting in a UX for respondents.
    • 2 new user scenarios added - Auto-Deny, and Auto-Allow, accounting for whether users have previously chosen to always or never share access to their webcams. In both cases users are informed of their previous choice and given the opportunity to change their preference.
    • Default localisations for all 30 supported languages & 60 markets
  • Integration API:
    • New UI keys for additional screens in Chrome and Firefox.
    • New parameters for configuration Auto-Deny and Auto-Allow behaviour.
    • Extended documentation to cover the implementation of the Realeyes API in a Frameset environment.


Upcoming Milestones

  • WD-1842 - Validation of empty stream (when camera is busy)
  • WD-1841 - Firefox detects webcam as denied if the webcam is in use by another app
  • WD-1872 - Cannot cycle through the available webcams using IE or Edge


Our goal is to minimise any disruption from the switch to WebRTC and to optimise overall performance. If you have any questions or encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to file a ticket or get in touch with our support team.

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