PreView testing methodology

PreView tests video creative assets in a forced-exposure setting against the census population representation of the target country for ages 18 and above.

PreView recruits incentivized participants from our network of research panel providers. Participants can take a test from anywhere on their own device, be it a phone, tablet, or laptop/PC. Each study is based on 150 quality participant sessions. The audience distribution will be based on the test's country demographic distribution. 

Participants then visit our consent website to watch up to six short-format videos, where total duration is capped to a maximum of five minutes to avoid participants' fatigue during the experience. To mitigate potential biases, PreView applies several strategies, such as displaying videos in a randomized order, adding clutter videos between them, and capping the length of a test and number of ads in a test.

Participants’ device and front-facing camera measures facial cues in response to viewed videos. Extracted attention and emotion response data are stored on Realeyes’ cloud servers for processing. Results are then delivered to customers in the PreView report, while raw data is also available. The end-to-end cycle is generally less than 24 hours in major markets. 


PreView tests design guidelines:

  1. Each PreView test will contain a maximum of six videos, while the maximum length will not exceed five minutes in total, to avoid participants’ viewing fatigue.
  2. To mitigate the spillover effect of emotional expressions, when watching multiple ads in the same test, Realeyes will include 5 seconds buffer between ads in a test (based on Ekman, P. (2003). Emotions revealed (2nd ed.). New York: Times Books).
  3. To avoid ad positioning bias, Realeyes will randomize the order of videos within a PreView test.
  4. To mitigate the risk of introducing a bias by testing multiple videos from the same brand or industry, Realeyes will insert clutter videos from a different industry and brand to the test.
  5. In order to mitigate participants’ reaction fatigue to similar content, similar versions of the same video will be tested in separate tests against a different group of participants.
  6. To mitigate participants’ fatigue towards ads from the same brand, Realeyes will be running multiple tests, against different participants, with videos from the same brand.
  7. To ensure our results’ quality and diversity, a participant cannot take the same PreView test more than once.


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