What is the definition of Interest, Engagement, and Impact?


'Interest' combines binary attention and emotion traces at the respondent level to build a second-by-second signal that distinguishes distraction, attention, and attentive engagement (as a reaction to the content). The Interest signal is then aggregated at the segment level to form the Interest Score. 

The Interest Score takes into account emotional engagement and attention levels at the same time - in relation to one another - to describe the behaviour of the audience. Despite other metrics - like Engagement or Impact - the Interest score looks at each individual from the audience separately to discover patterns in their attention and emotions. 

The Interest Score relates to the reaction of individual viewers whenever they occur during their viewing of the ad, and shows the power of the creative to keep the attention of viewers and emotionally engage them not only at its peak points, but throughout the entire length of the video. The Interest Score decreases when viewers get distracted, increases slowly when they are attentive and neutral at the same time, and increases more when they react to the content. 

To show the comparative performance of the media tested, the Interest Score is indexed against all video creative tests in our Realeyes database to form the Interest Rank (RE Interest). Scores rank from 1-100, where 1 belongs to the lowest performing ads and the best performing ads reach a score of 100. 


Engagement is a composite metric calculated from Realeyes' emotion metrics, designed to capture whether any of the most frequent basic emotions were expressed by the audience as a reaction to a given second of the media. RE Engagement relies on Engagement peaks, thus showing the power of the most emotionally engaging scene of the creative to capture the audience, looking at both positive and negative emotions. RE Engagement is indexed against all video creative tests in our database, scaling from 1-100. 


Impact shows the extent to which a creative made a positive impression on the audience at its Happy peak (the moment where the highest % of the audience expressed Happy emotion) and during its final seconds. RE Impact is indexed against all video creative tests in our database, scaling from 1-100. 

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