API v2.0.0 Pre-Release (2016-10-31)


This API version Release Candidate sees the WebRTC replace Flash as the default recording platform for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. 

Important highlights from Release

  • WebRTC becomes default recorder for Chrome and Firefox, resulting in slightly different UX for respondents
  • 2 user scenarios added - Auto-Deny, and Auto-Allow
  • New API keys for additional screens in Chrome and Firefox
  • Extended documentation to cover the implementation of the Realeyes API in a Frameset environment
  • Extension of the Environment Checker API to include an Environment Detector that reports details of environment in order to give more advanced survey routing options
  • Default localisations for all 30 supported languages 

Known issues

  • WD-1897 – Media loading progress isn’t displayed correctly
  • WD-1895 - Re-allow screen's Deny button does nothing with Opera browser
  • WD-1855 - Quality check screen's layout is broken (Flash based recording, IE 11)
  • WD-1894 - Environment check fails with Integration API if Flash is disabled
  • WD-1882 – API doesn't work on Mac OS 10.9.5
  • WD-1842 - Validation of empty stream (when camera is busy) doesn't work
  • WD-1839 - if flow was terminated on IE browser (flash recording) webcam stays in use
  • WD-1841 - FF detects webcam as denied if it busy with another app
  • WD-1872 - Cannot cycle through the available webcams using IE or Edge
  • WD-1838 – IE7, IE8 - Not supported browsers just see blank page instead proper message
  • WD-1900 – Documentation of Environment Checker 2.0 should be updated

Upcoming Milestones

  • Tuesday 8th November –  Deploy of Release Candidate 2 (RC2)
  • If required: Tuesday 15th November – Deploy of Release Candidate 3 (RC3)
  • If required: Tuesday 22nd November – Deploy of Release Candidate 4 (RC4)
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