How do I track my request?

Once you send a request you will receive an email confirmation that it has been received. Your ticket will then be picked up by a member of our support team and we'll respond as soon as we can, and always within our target response times

To track the statuses of your requests, sign into the support platform using your existing Realeyes log-in details. Once signed in, click on your account name in the top right corner and select 'My activities'. 



You will see a list of your requests along with their statuses.


Possible statuses include:

  • Open: Waiting for a response from Realeyes.
  • Awaiting Your Reply: Waiting for your response.
  • Solved: Your request has been marked as closed. 

Click on your request to add additional comments or questions. 

From here, you can also view any message boards that you have contributed to by selecting the 'Contributions' tab, or view any articles you have followed by selecting the 'Following' tab.

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