What are the benefits of automated facial coding?

Where automated facial coding really shines in comparison to traditional market research methods is in providing the unbiased, unfiltered reactions of consumers anywhere in the world, cost effectively and efficiently.  

  • Emotions are Universal: Our algorithms can detect the same six basic emotions consistently in every single person, regardless of their demographic.
  • Facial coding is an immediate and passive measurement: the response measured is an organic, spontaneous and authentic evaluation of emotions. In traditional market research, consumers often can't describe how they felt effectively, can't remember how they felt at exact moments, or just don't care to share how they felt! Emotion measurement surpasses these issues.
  • A webcam and a connected device are the only requirements: our industry leading classifiers for automated facial coding are robust enough to work through a standard webcam in people's homes. This means that we collect results at scale and tap into a huge number of markets at the click of a button. This approach makes our services quick and efficient - for most markets, our turnaround time is 48 hours. 

With over 90% of human decision making being driven by the subconscious, getting to the bottom of how your audience really feels is invaluable. Learn more about the value of examining emotional responses here.




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