Are there any best practices when using our own panel?

Usually, we see that webcam rates in online panels are around 70-80% if it cannot be targeted, and about 70% of people are willing to allow access to their webcam. There are a number of best practices to help optimize these rates: 

  • Only targeting participants that meet all technical requirements.
  • Implementation of our Environment Detection API by panel(s).
  • Optimizing the study invites to maximize the acceptance rate amongst respondents. 

Ensuring technical requirements are met

Because we use webcams to read peoples facial expressions, there are a number of technical requirements that must be met in order to participate. For instance:

  • The respondent must have at least one webcam 
  • The respondent must not have a firewall, or a firewall allowing outgoing RTMP/HTTP encapsulated RTMP protocol usage
  • The respondent must be using a relatively modern browser

When possible, targeting for any of the above factors will help to significantly increase incidence rates. 


Environment Detection API

Although most new devices rolling out already have a webcam, there is still a notable portion of users who don't have webcams to have their facial expressions read. We have an automatic detector in place within our tests to ensure participant's computers meet all technical requirements, however, the detector only runs once our opt-in page is reached. 

The recommended route is to avoid participants entering the test and answering your survey questions to only then be disqualified due to not meeting technical requirements when they reach the webcam opt-in page. To do so we have created a client-side component that can easily be included in survey routers, web pages or survey scripts themselves. The component checks that all technical requirements are met and returns a code which can be used to make better decisions in routing respondents. The result of the script itself is not stored or recorded anywhere, it simply appears for the client to make a decision on the next steps for participants that do not qualify.

Learn more about implementing our Environment Detection API here

Maximizing acceptance rates

Lastly, maximizing the number of participants that grant access to their webcams will help increase IRs.

To maximize this group, we suggest not adding additional facial coding screens or opt-in language to your survey invites. Rather, stick to using our current opt-in page only, or minimal additions when necessary. We have found our current opt-in leads to the highest participation rates while still abiding to all privacy policies and security concerns.

Here is an example of the opt-in page participants see:




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