Are there any technical requirements?

Yes, we support most platforms which are WebRTC compliant and able to stream webcam video. As long as you can see your face clearly on the webcam feed, the recordings will be successful.

WebRTC Compliant browser from the following list: 

Desktop (Win, macOS)

  • Chrome v56+
  • Firefox v44+
  • Edge v15+
  • Safari v11+
  • Opera v43+

Mobile (Android)

  • Chrome v105+
  • Firefox v104+

Mobile (iOS)

  • Safari v15+

Please note: 

  • Browsers should be updated to the latest version. 
  • Although the above list of browsers is technically supported, we do not test Opera on Desktop or Firefox on Mobile. 

Additional Technical Requirements: 

  • Webcam with a minimum of 640x480px resolution. 
  • No firewall, or a firewall allowing outgoing RTMP/HTTP encapsulated RTMP protocol usage
  • Upload bandwidth of at least 300 Kbps


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