Can I compare the trend lines of multiple videos on a single chart?

Yes, you can select multiple videos within any study and compare the trend lines for any of the emotions. 

To do so, click the “select media” button above the video.


This will bring up a pop-up with all of the videos in your study.  You can select as many as you would like by clicking on the checkboxes.  You also have the option to “select all” if you want to see the data for every video at the same time.  Click “done” once the videos of interest have been selected.


Next, click on the “compare” button under the Media filter and select the specific emotion(s) you want to analyze.

Once selected, the chart will update and allow you to visually see the differences for all of the selected videos.

If there are videos you have tested that are not included in the same study on the dashboard but you need to compare on the same chart, please reach out to and we would be happy to combine any videos into the same study.

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