Do you have a demo of your emotion tracking technology?

Yes, we have an app available for download to demonstrate simplified continuous emotion tracking technology within a live environment. However, it’s accuracy is not representative of our online data collection tests, where we process videos to get better facial tracking and a more accurate estimation of how people feel.

The demo is a fun way to get acquainted with emotion tracking technology.  How it works is that when you're a normal distance from your screen, a wireframe of a face will appear. The wireframe demonstrates how your facial features are tracked. Click your spacebar to toggle between the wireframe and your face as is. Use the switch to add fun effects - exaggerating your facial features as you move.



You can learn more about using our facial coding demo app and download it to your device from here.

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    I have downloaded and installed EmotionBooth in my Windows 7 Home Basic laptop but unable to run it. I keep getting errors that are sent to Microsoft.
    What do I need to do to get it running?
    By the way, I´m starting up a small business in the hotel reservation busniess in Sao Paulo/Brazil that can make use of your technology in the near future.
    Thanks in advance.

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