How do I add new norm categories?

Adding new norm categories can be done directly from our dashboard - if you don't already have a dashboard account, you can sign-up for one here.

Once you are signed in, select 'Media Library' from the menu at the top. From there you can view all of the media that has been previously uploaded to your company's account or upload any additional media by selecting 'Browse to Upload'. 




Once a video is successfully uploaded, its thumbnail image will appear in the Media Library. The next step is to click on the thumbnail image to edit the details for that video. There are a number of fields that can be edited: 

  • Title: Change the title of the video
  • Company: Select the account to assign the video to
  • Brand: Select or add the appropriate brand name
  • Tags: Add any additional video tags


Filling in the Company field:

First, make sure your company's name is selected under the 'Company' field. This will ensure that any additional norm categories that you create can only be viewed by others that belong to the same company account. 

Note, you are only able to add new norms categories for videos that were uploaded to your company's account. 

Filling in the Brand and Tag fields:

The Brand and Tag fields are used to categorize videos so that they can be included within specific norms. The categorization system is “free-form”, so you can use any classifications you would like within these fields. The important thing is that the categories are all uniform and follow a system, so similar videos are always categorized in the same way, and therefore fall into the same norm category. 



  • When filling in the brand field, either a new brand can be typed into the text box or a pre-existing brand can be selected from the drop-down menu. 
  • Every time a new brand is entered it is saved to our system, so it is helpful to reduce typos as much as possible. Once a new brand is created, it will be saved to the drop-down menu for the next time it is needed.
  • It should be taken into account that only registering the brand in the system isn't enough, afterwards it must be assigned to the specific category/sub-category, otherwise it will show up on the dashboard as an unknown. It is better to assign brand to its category/sub-category rather than to industry, because this way it gives more specific results.


  • As you type in a new word under the tag field, a drop down list of pre-existing tags may appear. You can either add a new tag by typing it into the text box or select one of the pre-existing tags from the drop-down list.
  • Every time a new tag is entered it is saved to our system, so it is helpful to reduce typos as much as possible. Once a new tag is created, it will be saved to the drop-down menu for the next time it is needed.
  • One method that may help is to search through previously tagged videos in your Media Library to see how similar videos have been categorized, and then use the same tags - consistency is the main thing here.
  • Remember that videos can fall into multiple categories. In these case, you will just need to add multiple categories into the tags field. For instance, in the image above, the video is categorized as 'food, beverages and confectionery', 'beverages', 'soft drinks' etc.
  • If a tag is comprised of two words it needs to be written with apostrophes. For example, sports drinks should be written as "sports drinks".
  • You can include slashes in your naming conventions. For example, a commonly used tag is Smartphones/Tablets.
  • The categorization system is upper/lower case sensitive.


It is possible to go back and edit or add additional brands or tags to videos at any time. One thing to keep in mind is that many videos have already been categorized according to Realeyes conventions. In this case, it is best to leave these tags as they are and simply add any additional custom tags you would like to include. 

Do not try to categorize multiple videos at once by 'Selecting All'. This will result in any previous categorizations being deleted for the selected videos.

Lastly, be sure to select 'Save Changes' once you are done updating the details of a video. Any additional Brand or Tag categories you have added will immediately be included in our norms. Note, there must be at least 10 videos per norm category in order for the norm values to display on our Charts page. 

Learn more about our norms here

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