Uploading media

After you have ordered a study, the next step is to handover your content for testing. To do this, you will need to upload your video(s) to the Realeyes Media Library.

The Media Library is accessed from our Dashboard. If you don't already have an account, you can sign-up for one here.

Once you are signed in, select 'Media Library' from the menu at the top. From there you can start to upload one or more files by using the 'Browse to upload' button. 


Once your video has finished uploading, its thumbnail image will appear in the upper left corner.


Next, click on the thumbnail image to edit the details of the video. There are a number of fields that need to be edited:

  • Title: Change the title of the video
  • Account: Select the account to assign the video to
  • Industry: Select the appropriate industry from the drop-down list
  • Brand: Select or add the appropriate brand name
  • Tags: Add any additional tags

The Industry, Brand, and Tag fields are important for building our norms. These tags are used to categorize videos so that they can be included within specific norms. The Industry field must be selected from our pre-determined list, however you can create your own custom classifications in the Brand and Tag fields. Learn more about our norms here

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