How does emotion tracking help me make better media and creative decisions?

Through automated facial coding, we measure people's emotions as they watch video content - and thus truly assess the quality and relevance of that content, enabling our clients to make better business decisions. 

Emotion tracking insights can be applied throughout the creative life-cycle to help guide these decisions: 

Creative Optimization: Dive deep into how your audience really feels, second-by-second, to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your creative. Know where to modify your video to enhance the emotional impact.

Audience Discovery: Enhance your media plan and your content by knowing exactly who responds best to your video and how.

Media Planning: Make your content’s earned media potential work for you. Whether it’s a low or high performer, allocate your media spend accordingly. Know which creatives to focus on and which distribution channels to bias towards.

Performance Measurement: View a summary of what your video(s) achieves, with whom, and why. Use the results to guide and benchmark future campaigns.

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