Do you have a data ownership policy?


Realeyes projects include the following point on data ownership:

"All data collected under this Agreement will be uploaded to Realeyes’ data servers over a secured connection.  Reporting will be made available to the Client either via a password-protected client account or an API as defined under the SA (Service Agreement).  All intellectual property rights and any other rights and interest in any data collected for and within the Project which is de-identified of Client specific identifiers, as well as any derivate works prepared by or for Realeyes from such data, shall remain at all times for all purposes with Realeyes. Realeyes shall have the right to disclose, and transfer and assign any rights and interests in such de-identified data to any third party and to use such data in any form and for any purposes, including, without limitation, for quality assurance, enhancing its reporting capabilities and otherwise supporting the development, improvement, and enhancement of its software, technologies, methods, processes, algorithms, ideas and inventions."

The purpose of this point is to allow Realeyes to reference fully anonymized results data for its software development, which is absolutely crucial for our operating model. Because we are constantly refining and improving our algorithms that provide the analysis, we are constantly retesting our entire back catalog of respondent videos. Essentially, the videos of the respondents remain our property, and we are able to aggregate the anonymized analysis of all test videos with the analyses of all other videos in our database to provide overall and category norms.

Any videos that you provide to be tested are entirely confidential. The video recording you provide can not be made available to other parties.

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