Realeyes GO Pricing & Turnaround Time - March 2020

Realeyes GO Turnaround Time

Realeyes GO is the fastest way to measure, predict and increase digital creative effectiveness. GO is a self-service platform that enables marketers to measure the effectiveness of their content using the speed and scale of AI. Through opted-in webcams, which capture viewers' responses in real-time.

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Market Tier 1 (under 3 hrs) Tier 2 (under 24 hrs)

Tier 3 (more than 24 hrs)

Australia   V  
Brazil   V  
Colombia   V  
France V    
Germany V    
India   V  
Italy   V  
Japan   V  
Portugal   V  
Spain V    
Turkey   V  
UK V    
US V    

*Price - €1,750 per video

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