Attention Metrics: Volume & Quality

Realeyes has deployed a new way to track real attention at scale. With the use of our attention metric, you will receive data showing at which points during your content audience attention rises and falls. You will also receive two scores based on the data: Attention Volume and Attention Quality. 

What is Attention Volume?

The volume score shows the average volume of attention respondents paid to the content. For example: A score of 50% means that throughout the video half of the viewers were attentive to the content on average. 

The more seconds of attention a video managed to grab from its audience, the higher this score will be. 

What is Attention Quality?

The quality score provides an indication of how long an audience was capable of maintaining continuous attention. For example: A score of 50% means that on average respondents managed to stay attentive without interruption for half of the video.

Attention Quality decreases when respondents have short attention spans or get distracted regularly. This differs from Attention Volume since here it is not the overall amount of attention that dictates the value of the score, but how attention was distributed while viewing.

For more details, download our Attention whitepaper.


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