How to Create A Test

Uploading Media Files
Login to your account and click on 'Create Test' within the menu. Here you can start to upload one or more files by drag-n-dropping them, using the 'Browse to upload' button or adding previously uploaded files from your Library. Once you've added all of the files you wish to test, click 'Continue'.


Select Your Account

Before you create the playlist for your test, you need to select which account is to be billed, name your test and select the language it will be taken in. Try not to use generic words for your test name to avoid any confusion with previous or future tests with similar names.  


Create a Playlist
Your test is ready but you may want to customise it too. To change the running order, simply drag-n-drop the rows and if you want to remove any unnecessary items, click on the 'X' to delete them. You can always undo any changes by clicking 'Reset'.  
Using Shuffle
Click 'Shuffle' to randomise the sequence of your playlist and avoid any audience bias from people always seeing a certain video before another. 

Instructions & Gaps
You can add other media or instructions by clicking the respective 'Add' buttons. You can edit any text by clicking on the copy. 

Whenever you add a media file, a gap is added automatically to avoid emotional responses from one video carrying over to the next. 
Gaps and Instructions have a recommended minimum and maximum time and the sliders can be used to modify their duration, or you can remove them altogether.   


Preview Test
Use the 'Preview test' link to make sure you're happy with how the test will be experienced by the audience. If you need to make any changes, 'Edit' wiill take you back.


Adding Notes
Notes are useful for any additional information, for instance sample size or demographic requirements.


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