What type of outputs can we expect?

All study results are available directly from the Realeyes Dashboard.

In addition to the outputs that are available on the Dashboard, we provide full support on how to interpret and use the reporting features to guide recommendations. The Dashboard deliverables include:

  • Slice-n-dice data: Easy-to-read, second-by-second charts with customizable views and data segments (emotions, gender, age, survey questions, etc)
  • Norms: Benchmark single videos or entire campaigns against norms from similar categories, markets, and geographies.
  • Performance: EmotionAll® is a simple, presentation-ready overview, including a 1 to 10 performance score. These scores can be used to predict social performance potential.
You can view an example of our full analysis report and recommendation for PRO Reporting studies here. These full reports are provided as negotiated under the terms of your study order.



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