Using the Dashboard Norms

Clicking on the 'Norms' tab will give you an at-a-glance view of your video's performance across every emotion in comparison to our norms database.



There are 4 metrics that are compared for each emotion:

  • % of people: the % of people who showed that specific emotion at any point during the video.
  • Avg %: the average % of people showing the emotion per second, across the course of the video.
  • Min %: the lowest % of people showing the emotion in any single second. The ‘trough’.
  • Max %: the highest % of people showing the emotion in any single second. The ‘peak’.

The values on the left (in bold) are those of the video in question, and those on the right are the norms.




In some instances, the values will be highlighted in either green or red, signifying statistically significant differences between the test video and the norm.

  • Green: video is significantly good vs. norms
  • Red: video is significantly bad vs. norms



To change the confidence level of the statistical tests, click on the confidence level drop-down list:



On the far left of the Dashboard is the necessary normative context each video is being compared to. As videos within the same study can often be of different length and collected in different countries, we show the norms context for every video separately.

  • Number of videos: the number of videos included in the norm.
  • Geography: the region(s) included in the norm.  
  • Duration: the duration bracket of the videos included in the norm.
  • Views: the number of total video views included in the norm.
  • Last Update: when the norms were last updated - hover over it with your mouse for the exact date. 



To change the region of comparison, click on the region drop-down list:



To change the device type (Desktop PC, Mobile, Tablet, etc.) click on the Device drop-down list:


You can export the norms data to an excel file by selecting 'Export data'.



Finally, our norms are available in many additional dimensions. To choose the norms you would like to compare your videos to, read our Creating Custom Norms guide.

For any additional questions about our norms, visit our Dashboard - Norms FAQ section or get in touch.


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