Integration for tech-only studies

A tech-only study is the appropriate course when the recruiting of sample will occur independently from us. This approach requires you to integrate our emotion measurement tests within your existing platform or survey.

Create Your Test Link

The first step to running a tech-only study is to create your test link. All of our tests use the URL form where XXXXXX is replaced with a unique study specific hash. To create your test link, login to your Dashboard account and follow the instructions here.

Pass Unique Participant IDs

In order to track participants from outside our systems, all participants must arrive on our platform with a unique ID. This allows us to merge the participant’s emotion data with any demographic or survey data you collect once the project is completed. This ID needs to be passed to us as a URL variable named ‘CustomParticipantID’. Find the instructions for passing unique participant IDs here.

Integrate the Collection Iframe

[NB! Due to recent security policies implemented across popular browsers such as Chrome and Safari we no longer recommend using the iframe integration method. Users who visit the test using these browsers might not be able to view the content within the iframe. 

Instead we recommend either using the API integration method (Overview | Quick start guide), or the Full Redirect integration method]

The next step will be to integrate our collection iframe directly into your platform or survey. Iframes act as portals which display a webpage within a defined area of another webpage.

We do have another option, fully redirecting the participant from one platform to another. In our experience, the iframe integration method results in a smoother participant-experience and higher incidence rates as the video plays directly inside your platform - no redirects required. However if you would like to explore the full-redirect method you can do so here. The iframe method is explained in the remainder of this article.

Here is the link to our iframe integration page. The iframe integration consists of 4 parts:

  1. The iframe
  2. The event listener - script provided by us that needs inserting into the page that displays the iframe
  3. The event handler - script provided by us that needs inserting into the page that displays the iframe
  4. The message handler - script created by you to handle the navigation of participants based on the messages received from the Realeyes collection client which is displayed in the iframe

The journey of the participant through this will be: 

  1. The participant lands on the iframe page, and their unique ID is passed to Realeyes through the iframe.
  2. The participant either Completes, Fails to complete, or Declines to take the facial coding test – Their session is then terminated.
  3. When the session is terminated, the Realeyes collection client broadcasts a message containing the status of the participants (complete, failed, declined + details) which is captured by the event listener. 
  4. The message handler then interprets the message and acts accordingly, for instance, sending failed/declined participants to a disqualification page. 

For any additional questions about tech-only studies, have a look at the Study Knowhow - Technology-Only FAQ section, or get in touch.

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