Ordering a study

You want to run a project? Great!

The ordering process is quick and simple. Your study can be launched within a few minutes after we receive the stimulus material and any other project details. 

The first step is to fill-out an order form and send the completed version to our support team. You can download the order form here. The basic required information is:

  • Number of videos
  • Market(s)
  • Demographic requirements

We will respond with pricing, turnaround time, and any questions about the test details you provided. 

The next step is to upload your video(s) to the Realeyes Media Library:

  1. Sign-up for a Delivery Site account.
  2. Visit the Realeyes Dashboard
  3. Select ‘Media Library’ from the menu at the top.
  4. Select ‘ Browse to Upload’.

We have the capacity to run tests in over 60 of the largest countries in the world, covering 90% of requests. Countries covered by our standard service level, along with the average turnaround times for GenPop projects with an audience of N=300 are outlined here.

Study results are displayed directly on the Realeyes Dashboard. To get an idea for our metrics and reporting features, sign-in to your dashboard account and browse our demo-studies. In addition to the dashboard deliverables, we are always available to help you understand your results and to answer any questions.

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