Launching, monitoring, and closing a tech-only study

Before launching your study, be sure to run a couple tests to ensure the redirects are working correctly and any URL variables are being passed. Once you have tested, reach out to us for confirmation that we have collected the correct test customparticipantid value(s).

If all testing is successful, you are ready to launch!

Launching a collection

On the Dashboard, select the 'Collections' tab.


From there, find the collection you wish to launch, and select the 'Edit Collection' option under the 'Actions' column on the right.



This will open the 'Edit collection' page which allows you to adjust a number of fields including:

  • Name: Name of your collection
  • Redirects: Complete, Failed, and Declined
  • State: New, Completed, Live, Pending, Denied, Hold or Approve
    • The ‘Do not change the current state’ message is there to provide caution as a collection can not be regressed through the stages. Once it’s set to a stage, our assistance is required to set it back. 

 Set the collection state to 'Live' just prior to launching. The 'Live' state indicates the collection is currently in the field. All results collected when 'Live' will be reported on the Dashboard in near real-time.

Monitoring the collection

Once you have launched your study, you are able to monitor the progress directly from the Dashboard. This is done by selecting the 'Collections' tab again. 


From this page you are able to see the collection stats for all of your studies (current and past).



  • Collection: Name of the collection
  • Campaign: Name of the campaign (if any) the collection belongs to
  • Media: A list of media included in the collection
  • Level: Filters the list to show either collections, campaigns, media, or all three
  • State: New, Completed, Live, Pending, Denied, Hold or Approve
  • URL: Link to test
  • Seen: Number of participants that landed on the test link
  • Capable: Number of participants that passed all technical requirements
  • Prompted: Number of participants prompted to give access to their webcams
  • Agreed to record: Number of participants that gave permission to access their webcams
  • Playback Started: Number of participants for whom the media began playing
  • Recorded: Number of participants that successfully completed the test 
  • Delivered: Number of high quality recorded sessions. This number will always be equal to or lower than the amount of recorded. 

Closing a collection

Once the data collection is complete, there are a couple steps you must take to close the study. Once again, open the 'Edit collection' page:


Select the ' Completed' radio button. This ensures that anyone that tries to open the test link will not be able to participate.


Finally, should you want your demographic or survey data to be displayed on the dashboard, we will need you to send us a data file that includes all customparticipantids and any associated data. 

For any additional questions about tech-only studies, visit our Study Knowhow - Tech-Only FAQ section or get in touch.


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