Using EmotionAll® Scores

EmotionAll® is a 1 to 10 score used to rank your video content against all the other videos in our global database.

You can see the EmotionAll® score of any video at a glance - it's the number in the top left corner of each thumbnail. The scores also have their own page - which you can access by clicking on the thumbnail of the video you're after. Use the search function if the video isn't one you've tested recently.



From there, click on the 'EmotionAll®' tab in the upper right corner. The scores are displayed one video at a time, but you can select different videos in the study using the 'Select media' button in the upper left corner.



The overall EmotionAll® Score is a composite score. It consists of:

  • 20% Attraction
  • 20% Engagement
  • 30% Retention
  • 30% Impact

These proprietary metrics were derived from academic literature, including the work of Daniel Kahneman, Teixera, et al., and our own extensive experience. See the full definitions of each metric below:

  • Attraction: This metric denotes whether the video manages to grab the audience's attention by measuring the peak in surprise within the first 8 seconds of viewing.
  • Engagement: This metric indicates the overall emotional reaction to the video, reflected in the peak level of engagement reached throughout the video.
  • Retention: Measured by the peak of happiness reached throughout the video - it represents how well the video maintains the attention of its audience.
  • Impact: This metric is based on Daniel Kahneman's peak-to-end rule, that the impression left by an advert is determined by the emotions evoked at its peak and at the end. It is the average of the peak happiness value and the end happiness value.

The bar chart is a histogram of all the scores in our database, displaying their distribution and how the video being tested compares. The colours are indicative of the various degrees from best – green (10) – to worst – red (1). The average EmotionAll® score is about 5.5. The text at the top of the EmotionAll® page indicates the percentile the video falls into.

The number of videos in our database is constantly increasing - so the norms to which a video is being compared are constantly changing. Our EmotionAll® page dynamically updates to account for these changes, which means both the distribution of ads in our database as well as the reported scores may change over time.



If you scroll further down the EmotionAll® page, you will find the definitions of each of the constituent metrics, along with a summary of the video's performance in each area. The green dashed line represents the single highest peak that has been reached by any video in our database, while the red dashed line represents the single lowest trough of any video. The solid lines represent the performance of the video in question. Once again, the histograms represent how the video's scores compare to all the other videos in our database.



The 'Export Powerpoint' function available in the top right corner can be used to export the images from the EmotionAll® page to slide form.




Lastly, EmotionAll® Scores are available broken down by demographic or survey question segments - so they can be used to determine the highest performing audiences to help guide targeting decisions. You can view the segmented EmotionAll® scores on the charts page.

To do so, select the 'Charts' tab in the upper right corner. Then select 'EmotionAll®' under the 'Metrics' filter on the left. This will result in EmotionAll® Scores being displayed underneath the chart.

To view the segmented scores, select 'Compare' under your filter of interest. For example, in the image below the EmotionAll® Scores are displayed by gender.



When the 'EmotionAll®' metric is selected, you are only able to view the traces for the emotions that are used to calculate the EmotionAll® scores - these are Happy, Surprise, and Engagement. When the Happy trace is displayed, the relevant EmotionAll® metrics (Retention and Impact) are highlighted beneath the chart. Likewise, the Engagement metric is highlighted when the Engagement trace is displayed and the Attraction metric is highlighted when the Surprise trace is displayed.

For any additional questions about using EmotionAll® Scores, visit our Dashboard - EmotionAll® Score FAQ section or get in touch.

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