Can I customize the questions for an EmotionAll® Plus study?

No, our EmotionAll® Plus product comes with a standard set of survey questions including Likeability, Brand Recall, Brand Impact, and Sentiment Analysis. The reason this standard survey is not customizable is because we have a norms database built around these specific metrics.

However, whenever you run an EmotionAll® Plus study you can choose your specific age and gender targets. The age target options include ages 18-29, 30-49, and 50-69, or any combination of these. You can also select to target 100% of one gender or look at a 50% male and 50% female split. Additionally, you define the product category and competitor brand names that we use within our survey questions. 

If you are interested in including your own set of custom survey questions instead of those that are included in our EmotionAll® Plus product, we can always program these custom questions to be included either before or after our standard EmotionAll® product. The main difference in this case is our reporting does not include survey question norms.



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